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 ♡ ACCESSIBILITY NEEDS: I see accessibility as including physical and mental, emotional, spiritual needs. It is so important to me that people feel comfortable and safe during our tattoo process, and I will do everything I can to be flexible in meeting your needs, including tattooing out of your own home if necessary. I will open the space to speak more in depth about this in our consultation as well. 

 ♡ (I live with chronic back pain and unpredictable mental health,

so part of my accessibility needs is that I may need to postpone our appointment 

if I am feeling unwell. I apologize for this in advance and deeply appreciate understanding) ♡


 ♡ THE DEPOSIT: I ask for a 50$ deposit prior to booking a consultation. This money is put towards the consult and design process and is not part of the final price of the tattoo. If you cancel the tattoo (without rebooking) I will keep the deposit for the time I have spent on the design. 

♡ SLIDING SCALE: I charge $40-$150/hour. This system runs off of trust. Please keep in mind that the lower part of the sliding scale is for those who have little access to money and/or are living with marginalized identities (ie. are poor, queer/trans, BIPOC, disabled, single parents, etc.). I also offer payment plans or trades if someone is unable to pay along this sliding scale. 


 ♡ THE PROCESS: the first step is to fill out a form so I can gather more information about your vision and your needs, then we book a consult and an appointment. After the consult I will complete a design and send you the first draft to receive feedback. After feedback I will do the final design prior to your appointment. I welcome all kinds of feedback on the design, as it is most important for the image to feel really good on your body. 

 ♡ If someone comes to me with a design that I perceive to be culturally appropriative I will refuse the tattoo, and will open to conversation about how/why it is appropriative. I hope for the potential of continuing our tattoo relationship by changing the design and coming to a place of understanding. 

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