I first want to give thanks to all who have trusted me to mark their bodies. I wouldn't have been able to be here without y'all. 


I practice handpoked and machine tattooing on sinixt territory in winlaw, BC and I often travel to offer tattoos. Handpoked tattoos involve a single needle creating an image on the skin, dot by dot. I tattoo from a private studio in a rural area that has one step entering the building and love the home-like feeling of curating the space of a private studio. I am self-trained and also have been trained in a professional tattoo setting surrounding cross-contamination. I have been tattooing for 5 years and also apply a trauma-informed lens to the practice of tattooing. 

I am deeply in love with the process of collaboration that arises from creating a tattoo design with other people. I also hold in my practice that tattooing is a sacred form of body and spirit work. I come to this space treating it as a ritual, and want to invite any ritual needs of my clients into the space (do we say prayers? set intentions? light a candle? work with plant medicines throughout? will you bring altar items? etc.) I also understand that this form of ritual tattooing is not for everyone, which is wonderful too. I do ask that when you come, you come with respect! (For example, don't be under the influence of substances unless we have previously spoken about it, ask me first if you would like to bring people, allow space for my creative process as an artist...)  

I am in an ongoing learning process about how to be a more caring tattoo artist and how to create spaces that feel safe for people. I welcome all kinds of feedback. It is your feedback that really helps me grow as an artist (and as a human being in general).