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Decolonization Zine Prototype

Here you will find a working copy of a decolonization zine, with a crucial element of taking action. This copy was originally created for high school classes of youth. It is a living project that constantly needs to be re-worked, improved, expanded. I welcome all feedback, criticisms, collaborations! Please email with any kind of feedback.

There are future visions for this project, where many perspectives & voices will be editing/re-imagining the content to make it better with the goal of using it as a resource for more youth classes and all kinds of decolonization workshops on Sinixt territory, only with permission of the Sinixt matriarch.

Please feel free to download, print, use, share copies of this zine as much as you would like to!!

ACCESS AT: *** I need to give the most immense thank you to all my teachers, all my friends, all the loves/friends/collaborators in my life who are Indigenous and have had such patience with me (being a settler) through this learning process. All of the information here has come from someone else. I have tried to keep as many of the references together as possible, but it is challenging to reference personal conversations that have happened across timescapes. ***

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