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Get in touch with me via email or instagram to book an appointment. 




Consult! I used to provide phone consults, but have moved more towards consults over email or instagram to preserve my energy. Please request a phone consult if this is something you would prefer. 

 If someone comes to me with a design that I perceive to be culturally appropriative I will refuse the tattoo, and will open to conversation about how/why it is appropriative. I hope for the potential of continuing our tattoo relationship by changing the design and coming to a place of understanding. 


​For customs I will draw the design and will send it to you 4-7 days before our appointment. 

I will draw a rough draft, send it to you for feedback, edit it and then draw the final draft for our appointment. If more than 2 edits are needed, I will require an additional 50$ design fee. If an idea is given, but something different is decided after seeing the drawing I will also ask for a design fee.​



Our tattoo appointment! 

We will settle in and then place the stencil on your body. Please remember that this can take as much time as it needs to. The design needs to feel good on your body and I never want to rush that process. 


Payment will happen after the session in cash or etransfer (cash preferred).

I charge 120-200$/hour. You can find info about my sliding scale here.



Ultraderm for 1-5 days. Usually 4 days is a great time.

Remove bandage. Removing it in the shower is easiest.

Wash with lukewarm water and unscented, natural soap (ie. dr. Bronners)

Begin moisturizing 1-2 times per day, with minimal amounts of moisturizer 



RECOMMENDED: Aquaphor (can be found at Shopppers Drug Mart) or a non-scented, gentle cream/lotion

                        **Oil-based products are not the greatest





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